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two children are playing with a game on the floor and one child is holding a cell phone
Teresa | Joyful Teaching, Powerful Learning on Instagram: "We love this game! Turn your volume on to learn how to play. It’s fantastic for practicing number recognition and magnitude as players place cards on a number path. Playing math games is such a fun way to practice and strengthen numeracy skills while having so much fun connecting with friends. It’s really a community building in our class. We value this time so much that we build time into each day to play math games. This time is so joyful and packed with purposeful practice. Follow along for more of our favourite games. What are some of your favourite numeracy games? I made the game board with my @cricut_ca I love making math games using my Cricut Maker. You can definitely use paper too. I just love the look and feel of these
back to school math game with pencils and numbers
FREE Printable Goldfish Estimation Activity for Kindergarten
some dices are laying on a table with a sign that says player with the highest number keep both dominos
Teaching Times Tables: 15 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Multiplication
an easy diy ten frame game for kids to play with
DIY Easter Ten-Frame Game - Happy Toddler Playtime
the number sense activities for children to learn with numbers and letters, including dices
12+ Fun Number Sense Activities for Kindergarten
Are you looking for some fun and engaging number sense activities for kindergarten? Check out this post! I'm sharing my favorite kindergarten number sense activities that are perfect for practicing number identification, counting, subitizing, and more! Click here to take a closer look at these kindergarten number sense activity ideas.