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an open closet with clothes on hangers and other items in the room next to it
Amazing Bed with Storage Headboard
space planning within the cupboard/ shoe rack?
a bathroom with a sink, bathtub and shelving unit in the middle of it
Cabinets. This is great! Hidden storage is always appealing. Any style could be worked for this and can be done at the tub as here in this picture, or in a small space in a bathroom. I can see it working similarly in a kitchen also.
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a storage area for cooking utensils
Pantry Cabinets and Cupboards: Organization Ideas and Options
excellent space saving option
an open window with wooden slats on the outside and white walls in the background
Sliding Doors - Specialty Doors & Hardware
Overhead Bypass Track system
a stair case with a statue on top of it in front of a glass door
Hanging Room Divider Screen
Hanging Room Divider Screen Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 10
a white room divider with an intricate design on the top and bottom panel,
High Gloss White Traditional Swirl Detail Room Divider/screen Occassional Furniture
a person using a drill to attach a piece of wood
Tiffany’s Room Divider Screen Featuring Rockler via the DIY Club
an open book with black and white tree silhouettes on the front, side view
Furniture in Fashion – Shop Living, Dining, Bedroom & More
Black & White Trees Room Divider, 008148
an open door in a room with green walls
Bifold Door Kit | Easy Installation | P C Henderson
a tall building sitting in the middle of a snow covered park with trees and buildings behind it
6 ft. Tall New York City Double Sided Room Divider
room divider screen
an open closet with shoes and jacket hanging on the wall
Contemporary Entrance - Contemporary - Entry - Portland - by The Sky is the Limit Design | Houzz
Contemporary Entrance contemporary entry
an open closet in the corner of a room with striped wallpaper on the walls
A Detail-Oriented Renovation and Addition
This homeowner carved out a new partition between rooms to hold closets and disguised the doors with raised panels. | Photo: Wendell T. Webber | thisoldhouse.com
an open door leading to a hallway with white walls
Darryl's Dream Fulfilled
Darryl Carter . DC Condo . Sliding glass panels separate the dining room from the kitchen and bedroom.
a white chair sitting in front of a black wall next to a desk and closet
AZB by Geneto | Dezeen
floor to ceiling closet doors - max vertical space