The Future of Health is Your Smartphone [Infographic]

The Future of Health Is Your Smartphone [Infographic]

How Is Your Smartphone The Future Of Digital Health And Mobile Healthcare?

The number of adults using smartphones to monitor their health is expected to triple this year. As more patients get active, security remains top of mind.

The social people behind CDW Healthcare are doing a good job putting out some great content on social media. A great example of this is this Digital Patient Infographic that they recently posted: I.

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20 Awesome Ways Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Home Business Marketing: Social Media Engagement. The G+ info is outrageously outdated, however, post times may be useful to you.

Online Advertising: The birth of social media and gadgets like the iPhone and the iPad created new opportunities for multimedia, location-based ads that span across platforms, making online advertising as rich a field as it's ever been. This infographic shows the evolution of digital/online advertising.  Dig deeper into the J+B digital marketing realm here

The Evolution of Digital Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

With computers and the Internet came digital advertising. PointRoll, a digital marketing company, decided to take a stroll down memory lane, revisiting the history of digital ads. Check out the infographic to see the evolution of digital advertising.

15 Informative 2012 Marketing Infographics

This infographic "Global Online Advertising Spending Statistics" covers the latest online advertising trends, internet Ad spending (by regions), global online Ad spending and growth (per year), online advertising market share and lots more.

2013 Digital Doctor Survey [INFOGRAPHIC] #digital #doctor

As physician practices become more comfortable in the social media sphere, their go-to preference for social media tools to attract patients is changing, according to a Digital Doctor survey initiated by ZocDoc in