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Keep it simple and move with intention Prioritize nutrition and rest otherwise all your hard work in the gym will be in vain Workout: Circuit One: - 1 minute weighted calf raise rest 30 seconds x4 Circuit Two: - 1 minute sumo goblet squat -1 minute sumo deadlift rest 1 minute x4 Circuit Three: - 30 seconds rear lunge knee drive per side - 1 minute alternating side squats per side rest 1 minute x4 Circuit Four: - 30 seconds weighted jump squat Rest 30 seconds x4 (optional) ( Cc: - @jenna.deleon )
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Quick Core Workout 🌟
Dive into this easy yet effective core workout designed by @takaraa.a. Perfect for those days when you're short on time but still want to feel the burn. Repeat these moves for a quick core blast. #workout #coreday #ab #womengym
Fire Up Your Core! 🔥
Embrace the burn with @dannellamunoz's killer abs workout. This intense routine is all about firing up your core muscles and pushing your limits. #corestrength #absburner #fitnesstransformation