twiggy in biba

Twiggy writing in Biba, wearing a stunning gold satin button-front ensemble, designed by Barbara Hulanick, Photograph by Justin de Villeneuve. The Biba style became iconic - skinny sleeves,.

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Twiggy, an English model, actress and singer. In the she became a prominent British teenage model of swinging sixties


Those lashes. Those eyes. That face. Iconic model Twiggy who made skinny a "inny" in the fashion industry.


Ronald Traeger :: Twiggy, Battersea Park, London, July 1967 [Unpublished Fashion Study for British Vogue]


Twiggy, Pam Glew Bleaching technique & dye on linen, cotton & vintage flags handmade piece. Flag 1249 x 813 mm. Framed approx 1389 x 913 mm

Yeah, It's from the 60's, but I love this dress and shoes. I'm obsessed with anything decor, fashion, design wise from 57-1965

soul-kitchener: “Model Twiggy photographed by Terry Disney in London, May ”


twiggy, mod, not close to the bobby, bright colors, VERY thin models become popular. She's wearing what we called a tent dress.