Japanese Pottery Tea Cup

Japanese Pottery Tea Cup I want to put candles in these and have them all over my house

❥ tea cups

Love is not a thing to understand. Love is not a thing to feel. Love is not a thing to give and receive. Love is a thing only to become And eternally be.

Teacup bracelets

DIY teacup bracelets awesome idea for all those collected teacups and no where to display them.

Teacup Clock

I just love this idea! I think I see a trip to the thrift store in the near future. Colorful thrift store tea cups make up this beautiful conversation piece that is an actual working wall clock!

teacup chimes

Every Alice in Wonderland party needs teacups! They're a fab decoration - to stop breakages, try and find plastic teacups.

Gong fu cha – Chinese tea / Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Gong fu cha – the Chinese tea ceremony. At first, the little cups seem like a child’s game of doll tea party – until you taste the tea and you are a convert.

Embellished Tea Cup

a cup of hot tea. no, a goblet. yes. a goblet of hot tea. (how one drinks from the cup, i do not know, but it is beautiful.

Vintage Tea Cup

Something pretty for a wedding or bridesmaids luncheon. All About Abbie.: Wedding Ideas: Polka Dots, Teacups and Jam Jars.

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Japanese Tea Ceremony - so beautiful and a true art form done properly January is National Hot Tea Month