Stanley Rieck

Stanley Rieck

We all make mistakes, I have made many, but don't push the ones who love you away... They might be out of reach tomorrow.
Stanley Rieck
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Show How Much You Miss Him With These 32 #Miss #You #Quotes

You are my destiny. my sweetest fate. my love come true! I want you. I need you. and I love you more than life. you are my soulmate and my life! I miss you and I'm thinking about you! Think about me my love! So true

Profound truth that so many forget

Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there wont be an end. I like this quote.I truly believe that if individuals do this with Imagination in their heart then your relationship will never fade or grow old.

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Each day he tells me good morning as soon as he wakes up!! ☺️

So if I text you good morning every morning you were the first thing I woke up thinking would get a text message every morning