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Bianca Stander

Bianca Stander
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Banff Upper Hot Springs Banff may be one of the most stunning settings on earth. Set amidst the spectacular alpine scenery is the Banff Upper Hot Springs. What could possibly sound more inviting than soaking in warm waters whilst surrounded by this incre

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

the blue lagoon, iceland-- geothermal spa. the outdoor bath remains year round. the natural ingredients of the warm water (mineral salts, white silica and blue green algae) clean, exfoliate, nourish & soften the skin while relaxing the body!

Blue Lagoon, Luzon, The Philippines.

Continue your steps up the mountain trail where I last took the Coron Island photo and you will see the scenic Kayaangan Lake. It is also known as the "Cleanest Lake in the Philippines" or otherwise known as Blue Lagoon.