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“O mini, mini coração feito pra Claudia! ❤️ #kessyborges #kessyborgestattoo…
bangarangblog — wear your heart on your sleeve
Becase love is love
Every time I see you...yep thats about right
I love how some of favorite artists write lyrics that seem to capture my thoughts. When I listen to those songs, it feels as if I have a friend in the car who understands my thoughts better than I do.
I may have been amazed, awed, or shocked. I just had no words.
When I least expect it, she will come. And in that moment I'll be ready yet unprepared for the best love story of my life.
Unfortunetely, still in love with her and she's straight
Yes we did, and 29 years later....we're a family. ❤
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