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Potjiekos (pot food) is a yummy South African stew that is traditionally prepared outside.

Pannekoek (South African Pancakes - yum!)

South African Pancackes with Cinnamon Sugar

A favourite - koeksisters. BelAfrique - Your Personal Travel Planner - www.belafrique.co.za


South-Africa - Koeksisters: A traditional South African treat, koeksisters are wickedly sweet and make for a delicious tea time treat.

Bobotie (Traditional South African favourite)

Bobotie (Traditional South African favourite) Read Recipe by danielluke

Koeksisters are a South African syrup-coated twisted doughnut that originally come from the Cape Malay community.    The Afrikaners have a slightly different koeksuster recipe that is more crispy and sweeter with more syrup on them.

A koeksister (or koe'sister) is a traditional South African confection. The name derives from the Dutch word koekje, which translates to "cookie". Koeksisters are very sticky and sweet and taste like honey.

Cape Malay Sweet Potato Somasas with Spiced Apple Chutney: http://blog.getaway.co.za/food/cape-malay-sweet-potato-samosas-spiced-apple-chutney/

Cape Malay Sweet Potato Somasas with Spiced Apple Chutney:

Malva Pudding: A baked pudding almost like a sticky toffee pudding. This is at the top of my South African recipes to try.

Malva Pudding

South African Malva Pudding - similar to stick toffee pudding

South African Melktert


melktert, south african custard pie, made with milk, sugar and eggs

South African souskluitjies


Souskluitjies : South African comfort food (feather light dumplings in a buttery sweet cinnamon sauce)

South African Pancakes

Pancakes with Cinnamon & Sugar

South African Pancakes with Cinnamon & Sugar - interesting recipe

Koesisters - Cape Malay "Doughnuts"

Koesisters - Cape Malay "Doughnuts" - very tasty!

With A Blast:: Cape Malay Koeksisters ... sweet, sticky, slightly syrupy - a delicacy!

Cape Malay Koeksisters ~ Sticky, syrupy sweet treat - not to be missed !

South African Pumpkin Pie

I love “pampoentert” (pumpkin tart) Read More by marnavdw

Marmalade-glazed mosbolletjies

Marmalade-glazed mosbolletjies (Margarine and soy milk for vegan version)