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the container is filled with markers and pencils on the table next to other office supplies
20 Creative Scrapbooking Storage Solutions
ribbon box - this would be awesome for all the loose ribbons i have currently unorganized in a box..
four jars filled with yarn sitting on top of a table
Entire website on how to store craft supplies
an image of a desk with drawers and shelves on the wall in front of it
The Absolute BEST IKEA Craft Room Ideas - the Original!
The BEST ideas for IKEA furniture and storage for CRAFT ROOMS! See a bunch of videos for Ikea Craft Rooms and there's even a photo series of a craft room from an IKEA store show room. LOVE THESE IDEAS!
a glass jar filled with liquid sitting on top of a counter next to a knife
I just did this :) Convert Old Mason Jars...cut out the lid, insert into mason jar lid...genius!
an assortment of beauty products displayed on a tray in front of other cosmetics and personal care items
happy friday...
This looks easy!
a room with a table and some shelves in it
My Studio
an organized closet with white drawers and lots of crafting supplies on top of it
hello december!
<3 Lovely <3