For The LOVE Of Mini Scrapbooks

Mini scrapbooks I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make!
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an open scrapbook with pictures and words on the pages that say you make my heart sing
I love the idea here of using a photo as a "tab" in a mini book.
a hand is holding some brown paper on top of a white tablecloth with black edges
Dirty Girl Mini Album
Mini Album using one 12 x 6 , three 12 x 5.75 , and two 5.5 x 5.5 pieces of cardstock
three pictures of an open book with some papers attached to it, and the pages are empty
London-Mini *August-Kit*
London-Mini mit dem #dpAugustkit13 von Martina für
several pictures of an open book on top of a wooden table next to photos and magnets
a stack of magazines with paper clippings attached to the top and bottom covers
Alaska Travel Album - Part One
perfect little travel photo book without all the formalities of scrapbooking
a stack of notebooks sitting on top of each other next to a coffee mug
Pechancioprov1977's blog
great notebook tutorials
several different types of altered book pages on a white surface
Spring Curiosities Class
love these journal pages
an open planner book with papers attached to it
a close up of a small card holder
Color Splash! Challenge
Mini-album idea
a book with pictures on it sitting on top of a wooden table
nyc mixed paper journal.
LOVE this simple idea... Way easier than scrapbooking!!!
a file folder with an image of a town and mountains in the background on it
Alaska Travel Album - Part One
simple travel journal, categorized by day file tabs
there are several different types of art binders
saturday morning vintage
Another page from the travel journal/scrapbook... I'm totally doing this!
an open book with pictures on it sitting on the ground next to a pair of scissors
a pile of red and blue birthday cards
Too cute!
a person holding a notebook with the words this year written on it in front of their hands