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a quilt hanging on the side of a wooden fence
T-Shirt Memory Quilt Tutorial and Giveaway!!!
T-shirt Quilt tutorial using different sizes of t-shirts and scraps.
there is a quilt with many different pictures on the front and back of it, along with other items
The Birthday Quilt…s
May be the cutest tee shirt quilt I've ever seen (and not just because it's ADPi!)
a quilt made to look like a college football jersey
Too Cool T-shirt Quilts | Quilts Made With Your T-shirts
Too Cool t-shirt quilt website has great advice for both DIY and ordering!
there is a quilt that has been made on the floor with some stickers all over it
Ummm, Happy New Year!
T-Shirt Quilt - I'd change the outside fabrics to make it flow better, but this is really neat! Good way to showcase quirky old t-shirts.
a woman standing in front of a quilt made to look like it has various t - shirts on it
T-Shirt Quilts
Little Blip: T-Shirt Quilts
a bed with a quilt made to look like it has many different logos on it
this and that
I love the way the t-shirts pop off the quilt! It's like they're floating! #tshirtquilt
a quilt made with many different types of t - shirts
T shirt quilt - I like this version with different sized squares. (and that it is actually quilted!).