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Travel quote - The best things in life are people we love, the places we've been and the memories we've made along the way.

Best Things In Life Rustic Wood Sign / 17 x 30 / Love / Large Wall Art / Fixer Upper / Farmhouse / Reclaimed Wood / Housewarming Gift / Sign

Some people are so poor, all they have is money. To Love or to be loved is to truly understand the real currency of wealth. To be loved by the one you love is to transcend the need for currency or wealth.

Rustic Wood Sign Together is my favorite place to this sign and the look of it.

As a Mom, i found this meme to be super special. "I love you. passed the moon and the stars, the planets, and the sun wrapped around everything times twenty million, bajillion times infinity! That's how much i love you my child.

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Family Name Decal Personalized Vinyl With Last Name First Names Established Date for Foyer Entry Way Living Room Wall x

Modern Family- I love this show! This little girl is so funny and quite a good little actress. Excited to see her get more roles from this show. And Cameron is SO funny. Love him every time.

Sarcasm- this is soooo true in our family. If we bust your chops, you have been accepted as one of us!<--This is me with my friends. In my friend group, I'm known as "the reason we can't have nice things".<<< this is the same for me

I'm going to bed - wife vs husband to-do list and story to go with it from Your Modern Family.