Dubai Galactica,  In this Daniel uses a slow shutter speed with the mist to create a soft vibrant blanket over the city.

Dubai Galactica - Daniel Cheong Needless to say that this is a photo montage. It is a composite of a fog shot I took in Dubai from the Index Tower in May, and a Milky Way shot I took in Reunion Island in July this year.

Use of car trails as leading lines to direct the viewer to the subject as well as adding other layers over the rest of image to increase focus on the subject.

Big Ben Light Streams Mural, custom made to suit your wall size by the UK’s for wall murals. Custom design service and express delivery available.

Shoot from higher levels to get a different perspective of the city.

gentstribune: “ Style Cities: Madrid In style city articles we will discuss various cities and what they have to offer in terms of menswear. Madrid is one of the hubs of menswear in Europe often.