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a pink chair sitting in front of a mirror next to a wall with birds on it
The idea
Check out this @Behance project: "The idea" https://www.behance.net/gallery/46846923/The-idea
an instagram photo with two chairs and a table in front of the room is shown
CIRCLE on Behance
the interior of a building with red lighting and circular lights hanging from the ceiling above it
NIKE TRACK LAB by Jeffrey Docherty, via Behance
a black and yellow display with gold accents
PIEF EXHIBITION Project on Behance
a car show room with two cars on display and an advertisement for the company's logo
品牌顧問 | 品牌策略打造| 品牌形象設計 | 展覽空間設計
AXIS IMAGE 軸心整合設計中心 :展場空間/品牌視覺設計規劃
two audi cars are on display in a showroom with red, white and blue accents
Audi A7 exhibition stand design - GM stand design
an artistic rendering of a futuristic building with blue and black colors, suspended from the ceiling
Panasonic 740 sq.m, 4 sides open. Las Vegas, USA Execution time - 2 days View project on Behance
an exhibition stand with blue and white lines on it
Polisan Exhibition Design -"Colors of light", exhibition design, is designed and executed by Demirden Design for the Paintistanbul 2014 fair. The most important element of the stand is the semi-open roof structure that symbolizes the sky, turning from night to day together with light. This dynamic, intriguing structure invites the visitors into a magical atmosphere.
an exhibit stand with people standing around it in the middle of a building that has green grass and yellow surfboards on display
Concept of DEKALB exhibition stand
Concept of DEKALB exhibition project