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an airport baggage claim area with luggage on the conveyor belt and a car in the back
Tweet / Twitter
Great way of showing how big
a man standing on top of a blue laptop computer in front of a group of people
CMOs Are Investing More in Live Events to Engage Distracted Audiences
Chief marketing officers are investing more in event and experiential marketing these days, because live brand experiences are proving their ability to eng
an abstract painting with paint splattered all over the walls and ceiling, including colorful objects
The best brand experiences of SXSW Interactive
People were asked to decorate the inside of a Happy Meal box using VR paint tools at the McDonald's Loft at SXSW.
two people are standing in front of an interactive chocolate shop that is designed to look like a playground
Kinder Chocolate "Kid Face Activation Stand"
Kinder Chocolate "Kid Face Activation Stand"
an advertisement for mini cars on display in a mall
When A Mini Is a Giant - Brilliant Advertising of the Mini Cooper
Cuando un Mini es un Gigante - Publicidad Brilliant del Mini Cooper
cars driving on the road under an overpass with a giant object in the middle
How a Tiny Toy Makes A Large Impression
How a Tiny Toy Makes A Large Impression Photo
two children playing on an orange slide in a shopping mall with people walking around it
You Can Get Better At Email Marketing Through These Helpful Tips
Dizzengof Center / Fanta Slide ;-) "Leave your customers extremely satisified... they'll all love your 'Ad Slide'!" We deliver advertising campaigns throughout the UK and Europe, but we also welcome enquiries from around the globe too! For all of your advertising needs at unbeatable rates -
the inside of a shopping mall with people walking around and an advertisement on the ceiling
Into the rabbit hole...
urinals are lined up against the wall in a men's bathroom with an electric guitar hanging on the wall
Play A Guitar With Your Piss Stream
Guitar Pee Hero > >
two elevators with superman's symbol on them, and the man is wearing a red tie
15 opérations street marketing géniales
Man of Steel street marketing
there are pictures of different types of outdoor furniture in the city and on the street
The Bus Stops Here! 34 Bus Stop Guerilla Marketing Hacks - WebUrbanist
The Bus Stops Here! 34 Bus Stop Guerilla Marketing Hacks
a man standing in front of a white wall with black and white tiles on it
50 Awesome Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Could work in a bathroom for my Self Love Project idea!