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a squirrel is playing with a carrot in front of a snowman
"Zany Zoo Chronicles: Captivating Animal Antics" fantacy animals cool animals animals antic
a small animal is lifting a barbell on it's back with its paws
Interview: Photographer Captures the Playful Personalities of Wild Red Squirrels
a squirrel sitting on top of a toilet reading a newspaper
a squirrel is holding an old hammer and trying to hit a ball with it's back
a squirrel is holding onto a broom and trying to catch something in it's mouth
a red squirrel climbing up the side of a tree next to a body of water
The Beauty of Wildlife
two small brown animals sitting on top of a tree stump in the sun with their arms around each other
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a red squirrel is hanging upside down on a tree branch with its reflection in the water
Safari Animals
a squirrel carrying leaves in it's mouth
Squirrel's Winter Preparation - Animals
a squirrel is holding nuts on a stick