Spur Saucy Recipes

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Add Spur's famous flavours to your meal. Best enjoyed with the whole family!

Spur Steak Ranches

A great serving idea! Skewer Lentil Balls onto wooden skewers. http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/lentil-balls

Tasty Lentil Balls served with a salad and drizzled with Spur's Sweet Chilli Dressing. http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/lentil-balls

Enjoy a delicious Lemon & Herb Beef Roast over the festive season. http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/lemon-herb-beef-roast

Delectable Cajun Lamb Chops marinated in our Spur Peri-Peri Sauce. http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/cajun-lamb-chops

Quick, easy and pretty as a picture, these little nutritional powerhouses are great for a grab-and-go breakfast or a light summertime dinner. http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/frittata-muffins

Pretty as a picture, frittata muffins are perfect for an on-the-go light meal. http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/frittata-muffins

French Toast with mince http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/delicious-french-toast

French Toast ingredients http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/delicious-french-toast

A tempting little french love nest! Enjoy this delicious recipe for breakfast in bed or even for a romantic brunch for two. You will fall in love with our unique flavours! http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/delicious-french-toast

French Toast covered it in bacon, rocket and brie http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes/delicious-french-toast

French toast with a unique Spur twist. http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes

Caramel Biscuit Squares http://www.spur.co.za/sauces/recipes