Space Craft set Construction has a buzzing community of artists with whom we work with. Here is Spacecraft's work as well as that of our associate artists.
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a person standing in the dark with their head turned to the side and light shining on them
Chrysalis design. Supergirl 6., Sean Pretorius
Chrysalis design. Supergirl 6., on ArtStation at
a young boy wearing sunglasses standing in the dark
TOP GUN by Jaco Bothma on 500px
it's miller time with the lights on
DJ Mixed Massala!!
a bride and groom standing in front of a heart shaped fire with their faces painted white
day of the dead
a man sitting in a chair next to a cow skull
day of the dead
a man with goggles and gas masks on
Steam Punk Diver without Helmet..
Diver Helmet Diver Helmet, Diver
Diver Helmet
Legend of the Diver and Sea Witch Dive Helmet, The Sea Witch, Diving Helmet, Sea Witch
Legend of the Diver and Sea Witch
a man standing on top of a stage with his hands in the air while holding a microphone
Trevor Noah Spacecraft Empire
two children are playing in a cardboard bed made to look like they're falling asleep
Spacecraft; Velvet films
a man working on a model train set
Spacecraft; Velvet Films
there is a woman standing in front of a sculpture
two men are standing in front of a large screen set up for an upcoming movie
Spacecraft; Empire; Booming Media ; Star production ; Legit
a woman standing in front of a large window on stage with musical instruments behind her
Zonke set. Spacecraft and Empire again!