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looking up at the top of a structure with white lines and blue sky in the background
Buga Fibre Pavilion by ICD/ITKE - Parametric Architecture
Buga Fibre Pavilion by ICD/ITKE - ParametricArchitecture
a chair made out of wood with a tree on it's back and legs
Random Image: Bio-design Chair
#SIDIB #Biomimicry #Biomimesis #Biomimetica
an abstract pattern made up of rocks and pebbles
this is the surface of a mosquito egg- wow, who would think of looking this closely!
an object that looks like it is made out of wire and metal mesh, on a black background
Generative jewelry, Exoskeleton
a blue and white pattern with words on it
theverymany: Rh4_060807_VORNOI
theverymany: Rh4_060807_VORNOI
three different types of 3d printed materials
Exoskeleton – bespoke geometry
a close up view of a purple object on a white background
Diatom, SEM by Steve Gschmeissner
Diatom, SEM Photograph - artificially colored
a black and white photo of a flower
Ceratocorys horrida (0.2 mm), a dinoflagellate - Encyclopedia of Life
Dinoflagellates have a haplotonic life cycle. They asexually reproduce through binary fission although some dinoflagellates sexually reproduce through a more complicated process.
an image of a star shaped object on a blue surface
Star shaped diatom SEM photograph
a black and white photo of an object with holes in the center, on top of a wooden surface
The liliputien king ring
The liliputien king ring - Diatom photo courtesy of Fabrice GASLAIN
a close up of a white object with holes in it
The Algal Cell Wall and Extracellular Polymers
Looking inside diatoms : Nano-Patterning of Silica : The role of select glycosyl transferases in silica patterning during biosilicification .
an image of a flower that looks like it is in the middle of its petals
Diatom, Sem by Steve Gschmeissner
Diatom, Sem by Steve Gschmeissner