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YouTube foervreengd Okay so I followed this video about foreshortening and... Sycra. I love you so much for making this video. sungodphoebus guys GUYS SHIT SHIT GUYS B thatoboekid reblogging againg because holy cow, this HELPS the-hopeful-actor I'll just have to watch this soon & artbymoga asexuaimew SERIOUSLY REBLOG THIS EVERTIME IT'S ON MY DASH! IT'S SO HELPFUL!! Sycra is really great you guys. Ya'll should subscribe to his youtube channel if you want more cool art tutorials! @retro-savvy @gundamdoublex @rejectclone queueishere anayadusksong It works!!! Dudes, I am going to watch ALL of this guy's tutorial videos!! kelly-chan-is-a-bad-pickle--help are you fucking serius- ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS IT WORKS AND SPENT SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO PULL THIS SHIT OFF BEFORE BUT THEN THERS THIS EASY SHIT COULD HAVE DONE AREYOUFUCKINGSERIOU - iFunny
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