four mermaids with different colors and designs on them
fading from the day — fuckyeahvintage-retro: Art Deco Mermaids by...
a drawing of a fairy sitting on a branch with her hands up in the air
Home - Flower Fairies
Flower Fairies · New website coming soon More
a woman with long red hair wearing a dress and holding her hands to her chest
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three women in long dresses holding cats and standing next to each other on a field
Which one? 😍 Comment "FOX" in your language 💕Photography: @anastasiya_dobrovolskaya Follow @make.up.vines Follow @diy.amazing.diy Follow…
a woman with flowers in her hands is surrounded by red berries and greenery as she poses for the camera
Thien La – Mystic Beauty
Bartosz Slevinaaron Madej – Secret Garden
a woman with flowers in her hair holding a bunch of wildflowers and looking at the camera
walkingthruafog: Zhang Jingna | cynthia reccord #pre-raphaelite
a woman with green hair wearing a tiara surrounded by flowers
.спящая красавица
a painting of a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes holding a piece of paper
Through the Lens. Steven Meisel.
Steven Meisel is a genius. He is also a photographer. Each day when searching for beautiful photographs to accompany my various posts, I seem to stumble upon one of his and instantly fall in love. ...
a woman with long hair standing in the water next to lily pads and an old building
The princess and the frog