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a colorful owl sitting on top of a tree branch
Image result for real colorful owls
a black and white duck standing in the snow with it's head turned to the side
HOODED MERGANSER (Drake) - Photo: Alan Stankevitz
an owl with blue eyes is looking at the camera
Amazing eyes
a colorful bird sitting on top of a green leaf
This is the most amazing colors on a bird
there is a bird with its wings spread out in the water
Black Heron shades water with wings to see prey better.
Black Heron shades water with wings to see prey better. That is what the night time day time guy is doing!
a blue and white fish in an aquarium with yellow corals around it's edges
Jewel Damselfish, snorkelen Eden beach, Bonaire
an underwater view of some yellow and red seaweed
Banded sea spider or pycnogonid.
a close up of a bird on a tree branch
The Harpy Eagle - has a wingspan of up to seven feet and talons that can grow as big as grizzly bear paws
an emu is standing in the water with its head turned to look like it's getting wet
Bad hair day
a close up of a bird with it's mouth open
Waved Albatross Standing on Rock at Punta Suarez Hood Island Galapagos
** Waved Albatross
a red fish in the dark with its tail extended and it's head down
Fish by Visarute Angkatavanich Más
a pink and white sea anemone on a coral
New Week Nudi: Phyllodesmium poindimiei : The Featured Creature
a close up of a spider on some bananas
Silver shrimp on bubble coral
Silver shrimp on bubble coral | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a pink starfish is laying on the beach
Starfish or sea stars are echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea.[2] The names "starfish" and "sea star" essentially refer to members of the class Asteroidea. However, common usage frequently finds "starfish" and "sea star" also applied to ophiuroids which are correctly referred to as "brittle stars" or "basket stars".
an odd looking object in the sand with shells and seaweed on it's sides
Shit Happens – theCHIVE
whoah..strange awesome looking creature of the sea