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growing up with siblings

I just gave up basically. No point anymore. It does still suck though

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There were three of us but for some reason the oldest two got dressed alike a lot! If you have a sister, you know exactly how these two girls feel. :D. It was 3 sisters dressed alike in our home.and we were not triplets!

Growing Up With Siblings

Haha true because I'm a twin. I have a twin brother and we dont look alike

Growing up with siblings

The second one is so true! My older brother and I still do that and we're 18 and pinner. For my siblings, the second one down is accurate, they rarely get me toilet paper when there is none.

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Middle child be like "but mom I DONT WANT TO!" Me the oldest *grads popcorn* "boy you best run if you don't want to die"

Growing up with siblings

I'm an only child, but I grew up with my cousin who is basically a brother and we did all of this.

The first one is so true

Mom and dad: girls why are you so hateful to each other I just don't get it. Me and my sister: * having a nice conversation * Mom and dad: girls calm down your being way to loud. Me and my sister:? OMG this is so true tho