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Sonja Smith

Q&A: Munro - Visi

Contemporary artist Munro has bowled over art lovers at Decorex Cape Town with his latest body of works, “be men of courage”.

Munro, "shew me thy glory" on ArtStack #munro #art

"shew me thy glory" by Munro

"shew me thy glory" by Munro. Artwork Type: Painting; Gallery: DeStijl Munro Gallery; Exhibitions: KINGS;

#munro #munromunromunro #bemenofcourage

“thine eye shall have no pity on them”

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"to trust"

“to trust”

M12225 "to trust" 120x 120 x 2,5 cm ZAR 41,000


November’s work

This month is a busy one. Munro has to have a whole new exhibition of 20+ paintings ready and hung at De Stijl Gariep Hotel before the silly season starts. Should you happen to travel along the N1 through the Upper Karoo, pop in at the beautiful De Stijl in Gariep Dam to view the…

"back from behind" Art by Munro #SouthAfricanArtist #painting #munromunromunro #bemenofcourage #artist #munro

“back from behind”

M12234 “back from behind”

"and they shall know"

July’s portraits

“and they shall know” “he that hateth his life” “take the stony heart” “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?”

Munro, "and a fierce king shall rule"  on ArtStack #munro #art

"and a fierce king shall rule" by Munro

"and a fierce king shall rule" by Munro. Artwork Type: Painting;

Munro, "shadow of the mountains" on ArtStack #munro #art

"shadow of the mountains" by Munro

"shadow of the mountains" by Munro. Artwork Type: Painting; Gallery: Voir Fine Art Gallery, De Stijl Munro Gallery; Medium: Mixedmedia; Exhibitions: KINGS; Tags: Portrait; Beard; bearded; Munro; Cape Town; south african artist; BLACK AND WHITE;

decorex cape town | Munro


decorex cape town | Munro

"toil of our hands"

“toil of our hands”

M12243 “toil of our hands” 150 x 120 x 2.5 cm ZAR 51,000