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How to Set a Table

Proper Ways to Set a Table. The student understands the history of food service and the use of the professional kitchen and is expected to demonstrate types of table setting, dining, and service skills.

time out chair I will make this soon. I hate time outs, they make this old NeNe cry too. But a cute pink and white chair and this great message will ease the pain for all involved.

Animal Hand and Footprint ABC's

Animal Handprint ABC's - Look at the handprint/footprint board to make the ABC's in the 9 weeks of summer. Start after VBS and do 3 per week as preschool art project.

Play Dough Rainbow Match

2 cups All Purpose White Flour 1 cup salt 2 tablespoons oil cups boiling water 2 tablespoons Cream of Tartar (it's OK to skip this but it helps make the dough smoother) Food Coloring (gel colors are the most vibrant colors), glitter, and/or scent

Every year we used this verse as parents end of year gift. It was treasured by many and we could never stop because as siblings came through they too had to have this.. So glad to pin this as I would have forgotten the verse ... My kids don't have one :(

View and celebrate Mother Daywith these Great Mothers Day Activities & Crafts Ideas for Kids.These Activities & Crafts Ideas for Kids are esay and fun to make.