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Cape Food & Wine Pairing - With a glass floor that floats above the exposed foundations of the old wine cellar, our Fyndraai restaurant explores the diverse culinary traditions of the Cape: Dutch, Indonesian and KhoeSan. Taste for yourself this fusion of Cape cuisine as it is paired with a selection of our Solms-Delta award-winning wines, in a tour that is sure to tantalize all the senses.


Cape Food and Wine Pairing Tour | Solms-Delta Wine | Franschhoek

A taste of our food Heritage - Fyndraai’s menu is a fusion of three culinary traditions of the Cape: the Veldkos of the indigenous Khoe and San communities; Cape Malay cuisine and Boerekos. Our Heritage Menu does not fuse or ‘re-invent’ these traditions, but rather allows you to experience them just as they would have been prepared in the past. In each of the three courses, you are given a taste of authentic Boerekos, Cape Malay and Veldkos dishes.


A Taste of our Food Heritage | Solms Delta

Fun Farm Walk - Something for the more energetic and fit! Escape from city life and take a 5km walk around the farm. Start off with a welcoming glass of our (low alcohol) Cape Jazz Shiraz – a celebratory stirrup cup! Then enjoy a brisk walk through the vineyards and along the beautiful Dwars River, absorbing the sights and sounds of a working wine farm set in part of South Africa’s most beautiful countryside.


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Archeology Tour - Enjoy a guided tour through our museum that tells the story of Delta farm starting from the very beginnings of human settlement, through pre-colonial pastoral usage, the establishment of private ownership through colonial viticulture, the scars left by slavery and apartheid, and beyond, to the establishment of a democratic South Africa and our hopes for the future. The tour includes a look at our fascinating archaeological sites as well as the beautiful Cape buildings.

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Learn about the history and development of Cape rural and vernacular music on this tour, and also get a chance to experience it yourself! Taste our “musical” wine range, as our farm musicians delight you with demonstrations of the beat, rhythm and dances that make Cape music unique. From Langarm to Vastrap to Boeremusiek and Cape Jazz, this tour encourages you to get your toes tapping so that you can experience for yourself the feeling of Ghoema!

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