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A great diagram of how you use the military front sight to range (presuming you can still see that far with iron sights)

Detailed Rifle Ammo Chart 5.56, 6.8 SPC, .308

We cover ammo and firearm relics collecting as a hobby as well as general gun talk and news.

Zeroing a site for an AR.....See Comments for ballistic data---

Point of Aim vs. Point of Impact - Explaining Muzzle Offset and relationship to target distance from zero. Use a ballistics chart (and make your own dope book) to figure out offset at different distances.

Cross-view of some common bullet types, to demonstrate the different projectiles used to kill, maim or cripple one's enemy.

Funny pictures about Bullets precisely split in half. Oh, and cool pics about Bullets precisely split in half. Also, Bullets precisely split in half.