Consol solar jar - lovely for a reception walkway, hanging from the trees or at the table

Solar Jar Lantern: Reduce reuse recycle or repurpose! You know the glass jar your grandmother used for pickles or preserves? That mason jar has be

Consol solar jar

Consol Solar Jar A Consol preserve jar with a spin, this glass jar becomes a beautiful light source with the help of LED lights and a solar panel.

Add Bottled Sunshine To Your Special Day With Consol’s Solar Jar

These solar-powered Consol jars are great for an outdoor wedding. Get them at most big markets.

Consol's Solar Jar

Have a bottle of sunshine with Consol's Solar Jar, a solar-powered light that combines energy efficiency with aesthetic pleasure.

Theatre in a Jar

Consol Solar Jars set the stage for in a jar with 360 degree views and unique 

Solar Jar

Been seeing some cool images recently of using the solar jars and putting flowers into them as part of lighting tables and people can turn them on and off when they need to see things.

Consol solar jar - alternate to candles

Consol solar jar - alternate to candles

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