Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign
Western Cape, South Africa / Social media campaign is the answer to all of your online marketing needs. We provide strategies to market your brand and build your following online.
Social Media Campaign
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5 Ways to Get Your Entire Company on Board with Social Media:  1. Someone must take the lead.  2. Educate via an event.  3. Encourage employee action.  4. Create a company social media newsletter.   5. Continue training and education.

Invite your guests to share in the excitement of wedding planning by contributing their own reception song requests! Organizing requests is easy –and fun– with a collaborative playlist!

How to drive traffic back to your website

We all know the obvious check traffic volume for keywords in the niche using your favorite keyword research tool. But just because there is traffic, it doesnt necessarily mean its the right niche.

On Twitter, Facebook, and dozens of other social sites, normal consumers often choose to keep tabs on the brands they love. In fact, many brands have highly optimized their mark...

It’s Friday, so it’s infographic day – and with a bonus music video from Fergie et al. that’ll get your social media strategy on track. A groovy columnfive infographic is ju…