Space Activities for Kids

Space crafts for kids, plus learning activities about the solar system, the moon, the sun, the planets and stars.
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the planet earth is painted with sponges and watercolors to make it look like an art project
Earth art idea for kids
a hand holding a pen with a red light hanging from it's end and the words launching cup rocket above it
DIY Rocket Ship Toy
Here is an easy DIY rocketship toy that launches from LalyMom. This tutorial requires only a few materials and one unique but very common item to use as a launcher! Find out everything you need so you can make and do this fun activity at home with your kids. The kids will have fun playing with this toy.
the making sun prints summer art activity for kids
Sun Prints STEAM Activity
Looking for a fun summer STEM activity? Kids will have fun making sun prints with construction paper #STEMactivities #STEAMactivities #summeractivitiesforkids
the earth craft is made out of construction paper
Earth Day Art Project For Kids
Looking for ideas for Earth Day? Try this simple Earth art project for kids. Printable earth template and a fun splatter painting technique. This is a simple and easy art project that you can do with your students in elementary school to celebrate Earth Day.
20 rocket ship crafts for kids to make
Rocketship Summer Craft Activities for Kids
With Rocketship Summer Craft Activities for Kids, your kids can take a trip to the moon or outerspace with just their imagination and these diy rockets. Get creative and have fun with these cool rocket craft ideas. These fun STEM activities are perfect for fostering a love of learning about space and science. Use these rocket ship crafts to inspire your kids' imagination and problem solving skills. These rocket ship summer crafts for kids are perfect indoor activities for a rainy day!
the sun craft is made with construction paper and glue
Invitation to Create Sun Crafts
This summer invitation to create sun crafts allows preschoolers to be creative and explore engaging materials. Perfect for summer sun theme or space theme units.
the constellation card and its instructions for kids to learn how to draw them with stars
Constellation Cards and Myths for Kids - How Wee Learn
Such a fun kids activity for a rainy day! Print these FREE constellation cards and shine light through them to see the constellations! Great simple constellation stories and myths included. Love space ideas for kids! #howweelearn #space #constellations #myths #kidsactivities #spaceunit
the worksheet for how to draw constellations and other things in this book
Constellation dot to dot worksheets
Did you know that dot to dot activities can improve writing speed? Complete 15 worksheets by drawing constellations from the northern hemisphere & answer the true/false quiz. Suitable for 6 to 8 years of age. Handwriting for kids how to improve. #dottodot #stargazingkids
the travel through space and improve handwriting worksheets for kids to learn how to write
Space bingo dabbers
Is your child ready to explore space and develop essential handwriting skills? Use these fun space travel worksheets to help improve their pencil control skills. This will help reduce future wobbles when they come to write. There are 13 sheets to complete. Each one will also help a child sequence the numbers 0 to 9. Aimed for 4 to 5 year olds. Handwriting for kids motor skills. #bingodabber #pencilcontrolactivitiespreschool
two small toy astronauts standing next to each other on the ground with text overlay that reads, film canister rocket
Easy Film Canister Rocket
Make a film canister rocket and launch it! remeber to stand well back. Fun space science activity for kids #spacescience #scienceforkids #rockets
an alien spaceship craft for kids to make with paper plates and glue on the bottom
Alien Spaceship Craft with Paper Plate - Easy Crafts For Kids
Alien Spaceship Craft with Paper Plate
the sun, moon and stars project for kids to learn how to make paper lanterns
Science Activities for Kindergarten
Have you wanted to teach the sun, moon, and stars, but maybe you don't know where to start? Or you don't have the time to search and piece together the plans? We did it for you! A thorough and thoughtful week of lessons that are engaging, fun, hands-on! Guaranteed to be memorable times together! We would LOVE to see pictures or videos of your creations and adventures: sundials, moon phase garland, star constellations, and explorations of day & night! Please share!
a paper plate with a rocket on it and the words father's day craft
Paper Plate Footprint Father’s Day Craft
Paper plate footprint Father’s Day craft for kids. "Dad, I love you to the moon and back". Easy craft for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids #FathersDay #FathersDayCraft #footprint