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So my Chemistry teacher has an Asian grading scale… A - Average B - Below Average C - Can’t eat dinner D - Don’t come home F - Find a new family

why does it take literally the most privileged to get hurt in order for people to actually give a damn about guns

Unsurprisingly, not much about this from the squatter in the White House, either.

what if it bites me

'What if we bite each other and neither of us die?' Why would you ask that! Obviously you won't die, you'll just be sore where you got bit.

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WTF is wrong with this person Christmas is always on the of December😩 my goodness she's dumb

Subject to heat, fire, and small explosions - Meme Collection

You can see the regret in his eyes. This cat will never be able to eat a slice…

Glad they stopped filming to help the cat.O become so frustrated with ppl who film their pets in precarious positions & don't help them