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X-Wing in the air - gif, x-wing, animated.

whoa O_O

What the heck Im jealous

One of the funniest. movies. EVER!

This is my favorite scene in the whole entire world! the Proposal = Love Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

Images That Never Stop Being Funny - 6

Funny images that will make you laugh until you cry and the hilarious captions make them even funnier. 75 Images That Never Stop Being Funny.

Reblog if you're Christian and not ashamed to show it  ~~I Love Jesus Christ Christian Quotes.

Never be ashamed of your religion, and respect other religions as well! Always stand up for what is right and be proud of who you are, even if others discourage you from doing so!

Super Cleaner Sprayer Thingy™

Super Cleaner Sprayer Thingy - The

Catch up with Jesus * Lettuce Praise & Relish Him * "Cuz He loves me from my head to-ma-toes                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Catch up with Jesus! Christian humor and wisdom on a catsup bottle. This is so cute! Would be great for Bible school kids.

You Have A I love house he never not makes me laugh... I just watched it to lol

Funny pictures about Such an adorable parasite. Oh, and cool pics about Such an adorable parasite. Also, Such an adorable parasite.