Slaga Lager

Slaga Lager

Jo'burg  ·  I'm an open book, all ready to be read. However, I'm a very humble and caring guy. I'm forever smiling, even when I'm sad, that's if I ever do. Halla back!
Slaga Lager
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Treble Clef Defender (game to learn to read music): Basic Game Play  Notes will slide across the screen from right to left. You must type the value (or click the button) of the corresponding note (A,B,C,D,E,F, or G) before it reaches the other side. When you type the correct note, it will dissappear. Each level increases with difficulty.

Treble and bass clef. I was, am, and always will be a musician. Music lasts forever, so I made it forever on me too. Bass clef on left wrist and treble clef on right wrist. There are no staff lines, just the clefs.

Baby grand piano case re-purposed as a shelving or entertainment center.

Now THAT's repurposing! Baby grand piano case repurposed as a shelving or entertainment center.heads up! I'd love to have a music room in my dream home and have this in it.I'd have to mourn for the piano that was, first!


Official Gibson site: Baldwin grand piano with custom purple marble finish. View online piano images, photos and pictures. A unique piano and American made musical instrument. Baldwin Piano Company information, piano prices and piano dimensions.