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Подвеска-амулет «Мьёлльнир» или «Молот Тора». X - XI вв.  Найдены на территории России и  Украины.

Pendant-Amulet "Mёllnir" or "Hammer of Thor." X - XI centuries. Found on the territory of Russia and Ukraine.

If someone plan to learn wood working techniques, look at

A few people have asked for a shop tour, so here is a run through for those interested.

Cut with a Drill

Spin two nuts onto the bolt, tightening them against each other. Then chuck the bolt into the drill and hold a hacksaw blade against the spinning bolt. The nuts help to steady the blade and clean off burrs when you unscrew them.

100 Abandoned Houses In Detroit

Kevin Bauman began capturing abandoned homes in Detroit in the mid and the project took on a life of its own with a documentary-style thrust somewhere along the way, evolving into 100 Abandoned Houses. In his project statement, Kevin