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My favourite tattoo I have. The quote 'this too shall pass' on my ribs in a cursive old style typewriter font <3

This font but a different phrase. Maybe "we made it this far, kid" or "keep me where the light is" or "go your own way" or "sometimes quiet is violent" or "be concerned" or "peace will win, fear will lose"

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You know my name. Not my story. You see my smile. Not my pain. You notice my cuts. Not my scars. You can read my lips. Not my mind.

I do this all the time whenever I wear long sleeves

Why can't it be winter forever it's so much easier to cover the past, to hide the present, and protect the future under long sleeves<< I honestly am really shy

Couldn't have been represented better

I feel bad for the people asking the implied questions. They have a difficult job in gaging our sincerity, perhaps even more difficult than our struggle to judge theirs.

So basically a failure.

I failed at at least 3 of them. And I failed at much more things. But I have to stand up and do it all over again because I can't stand to fail again.