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Old Keys Recycling Bedroom Desk Lamp

Cool Old Keys Recycling Bedroom Desk Lamp Unique hand made balls by Morkey, bowls and sculptures made from keys, reclaimed copper pipe, wire and coins for the house and garden. Custom and whol.

Diy : I could make one for every state I travel to. Maybe out the heart to where I stayed / lived. I have a wall that has almost no decor . This would be something cool to do .

Not necessarily a map but forgot about this kind of project. Did these in elementary school art. DIY Favorite Map Panel DIY Favorite Map Panel - gift of the place you love for someone you love

Repurpose old refrigerator into ice chest bar. Yes please. I already told Brian I want  him to do this. This is awesome.

Repurpose an old refrigerator into an ice chest. Great idea - I am thinking for us it would make more sense to repurpose a mini-fridge so we wouldn't need to use as much ice. Don't forget to drill a hole for water removal!

Safer than a pool for little ones-and my dogs Backyard Splash Pad Would love to have this in my yard!

Backyard Splash Pad If you had kids this would be a fun and affordable play area and a nice focal point for the yard.And awesome sounds and birds would prob like too.

5 Types of Landscape Lighting That Will Beautify Your Outdoors

5 Types of Landscape Lighting That Will Beautify Your Outdoors. I love this idea for our backyard, getting the pool and yard ready, won't be long until we can use the pool and spa!

concrete stepping stones mimic the look of vintage pillows.

Tuffits: Concrete stepping stones which look like pillows! Concrete stepping stones that look like vintage pillows. Get old pillows, lather with petroleum jelly, cover with plaster of paris. once hardened, remove pillow and fill mold with concrete!