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Despite evidence that political corruption may have rampant during apartheid, there has been a surprising lack of political will to investigate “If there was corruption during Apartheid, why didn’t anyone…View Post


In a recent Business Day article, former DA leader Tony Leon argues that, despite the brutality of its system, the apartheid political elite had better accountability than we see today.


In another post, we’ve responded to recent claims that public accountability has eroded in the post-apartheid period. Whatever the current problems facing South Africa, we argue that there are no…View Post

There is that one person, though. that one special person that is such a natural and pure and true love, that you can't help but fall in love.

The past can still hurt with a single thought, it grips your mind and holds your heart hostage from your future. It may take time to let it all go but in time it will be worth it all