Gerbrandt Ferreira

Gerbrandt Ferreira

Gerbrandt Ferreira
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LIX: The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in the Air

London-based Lix Pen has developed a printing pen that's claimed the smallest in the world. The Lix pen is in mm) in diameter and in mm) long.

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Liven up that blank space with an incredible piece of art. This Equus horse sculpture is a wireframe structure of a horse in motion.

Artist Alex Garant has recently revealed a new series of disturbing paintings. We don’t know if these women are mutant with multiple eyes and distorted faces or if it’s our eyes which have visions. A selection of these hypnotic canvas is to discover in images.

Dubbed the "Queen of Double Eyes," artist Alex Garant depicts beautiful women that are multi-eyed and in double vision.


"Countdown" by yuumei on DeviantArt This really does mean alot Sad truth. I wish more people would help take care of our Earth. This planet doesn't just belong to us.