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South Africa's foods and flavours are as various as it's cultures and people.

Shea Karssing
Malva pudding is served with a creamy vanilla sauce

South African malva pudding with easy frozen custard - Simply Delicious

14 reviews
60 minutes

South African Malva pudding is rich, syrupy and absolutely delicious served with quick and easy frozen custard. The ultimate dessert.

South African Rusks

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South African Rusks

South African Crunchies!!

The South African Cookie

Crunchies are something a lot of South Africans grew up with, like Hershey’s Kisses in North America, or hot, roasted chestnuts in Europe. Yet, I never ever thought that they were in fact a p…

south african bobotie

An Introduction to South African Cuisine

Alright, I'll admit it. I never thought I would be the kind of person to succumb to addiction, but over the past few weeks, well...I've become addicted to the World Cup. Naturally, restaurants across the country are publicizing their extended hours and special menus during World Cup month, but they aren't usually featuring actual South African cuisine. I investigated some of the most traditional and representative dishes: braai, biltong, boerewors, mealie, potjiekos, and bobotie. Learn a…

Biltong Scones

Biltong, Part 2: Finished Biltong and Biltong Scones

So, you might remember that I set some biltong (South African beef jerky) up to cure a couple of weeks ago. And now we have the finished product. I somehow got “It’s Biltong Time”…