15 Reasons You Should be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning via Zoe Murphy #holistic #health #healthyhabits

Dr OZ espouses drinking lemon with water.Health Benefits of lemon water. Learn why you should drink lemon water every morning and how to use it to solve common health problems.

Assassin's Creed, Batman, Spiderman, Avenger's, Wolverine, Storm Trooper, Jedi, and Hunger Games styled workout. So cool!

Assassin's Creed Batman Spiderman Avenger's Wolverine Storm Trooper Jedi and Hunger Games styled workout.

Eyes: A Window Into Your Health [INFOGRAPHIC] #LoveYourEyes

Lots of good info about eyes and health. Call Eyecon Optometry in Lynnwood to schedule your complete Eye Health and Vision exam today!

Telehealth Tech can improve so many lives, but medical marketers need to adapt their strategies to help make the push!

The Digital Diagnosis New digital health diagnosis infographic created by MDG Advertising comprehensively outlines how the lines between the healthcare industry and consumer electronics continue to blur with each passing year.

Digital healthcare + where are we now

Digital Healthcare: Where Are We Now? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital healthcare infographic highlights the time consuming and expensive task of converting paper records to EMRs that is not addressed by Meaningful Use.

[infographic] value of employer sponsored wellness program. patient engagement strategies - visual.ly

To reduce health risks and achieve a return on investment with an employee health program, employers must actively engage participants in healthy beha

Quantify Your Health with the Quantified Self Movement!

Quantify Your Health with the Quantified Self Movement: Keeping Track of Your Health Data

A reminder on how big #healthcare really is :: #hcsm #hcmktg #hcmkg

Is Huge. CompTIA shows the healthcare sector employes more than 17 million workers. Total healthcare spending in 2011 was trillion dollars - single largest component of US budget. 9 out of 10 doctors see technology as key to practice future

Mobile Health Technologies

Americans' appetite for mobile health technologies is increasing annually, with many using an app to track fitness and health goals. Healthcare providers utilize apps that offer the ability to diagnose and treat patients almost anywhere.

Where the Health Dollars Go #Infographic showing the role of technology from MIT Technology Review

Infographic: Most Expensive Health Care Technology