Tanya Arcangeli

Tanya Arcangeli

Tanya Arcangeli
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Beauty and the Pomeranian

People will think this is cute but I've got an Orange Sable Pom, she's trying to suck out that little ones soul.

charleston, charleston

Anal Dancers on the retro Lindy/Swing/Jive scenes: Tediously dull dancers who look down on people having fun while they bore the dance floor senseless. They all think we want to be like them - sorry no - get a f**kin' life.


Assateague Horses - childhood memories of taking a boat to this island in the amazed by the beauty and wildness of these untamed horses - so close to the coast of Maryland, yet in a world all their animals

This is how I imagine Minnie and Mickey's wedding. So cute.

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