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The world of Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise: an enterprise that provides business solutions to social problems. I firmly believe that when business reinvest to address social problems everyone can win.

Unique Value Propositions are hard to create but paramount to every business model!

Welcome to world of social media strategy; helping you define your social media strategies, social media strategy template and social media campaigns.

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What is Lean Manufacturing? Lean manufacturing is reducing work costs while maintaining quality. Lean management philosophies also focus on continually improving the workplace based on Toyota's principle of "respect for humanity"

VPC redrawn to include elements from behavioural economics and choice psychology

Value Proposition Questions: Value proposition canvas modified by Peter J. Thomson grounded in marketing, copywriting and persuasion techniques and grounded in behavioural psychology or customer behaviour research with respect of the original one

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Template for the improved Value Proposition Canvas. This version focuses on customer wants, needs and fears and on features, benefits and user experiences.