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the shelves are filled with many different pop - up action figures
mya on Instagram: "first shelfie of the year has to go to one of my favorite sets, my atla collection 🫶🏽 i finally caved and started legend of korra, and i tear up any time the gang makes an appearance 🥹 . tags: #funko #funkopop #originalfunko #funkopopcollector #funkophotography #funkocommunity #funkocollection #funkogram #funkoaddict #funkocollecting #avatarthelastairbender #atla #atlafunko #shelfiesaturday #shelfie"
many boxes are stacked up on the wall to look like they're from breaking bad times
a pop vinyl figure in a plastic box with a hat on it's head
Raiden mortal kombat
a bunch of small figurines are arranged on the wall in front of each other
Colección de Funkos de harry potter
there are many pictures on the wall above the computer and desk top in this office
the avengers movie memorabilia is displayed in a shadow box
Mini funko display
the inside of a room with shelves filled with toys
a wooden sign that says avatar on it with some figurines in front of it
four different views of the back of a television display case with many items in it