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A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Sissy

A Beginner& Guide to Becoming a Sissy

All About That Bass Booty Workout [VIDEO

This leg and glute workout can be done anywhere- all you need is a chair. Give it your all and you& that much closer to a fit booty! You can do it!


Get yourself some tight leggings, feminine tops, girly socks and trainers to work out in.


If you are not 18 please leave. I am a sissy looking for a wonam to train me to be more than a crossdressing sissy. I live in NW Wyoming in a small town that is NOT tollorant to girls like me.

Feeling sexy

Red Bottoms everyday, everywhere for everyone who wants them. Now that retailer Zara has won their case against Christian Louboutin, they can now use Louboutins signature color red on the bottom of there shoes. hehehe… hey, every fad has it’s time.

jaynelovesdick: justasissyslut: Go Deeper Baby seriously, why just live a dreambecum your fantacy and becum a JayneTrained™ girl