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Sinj Clegg

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Sinj Clegg
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Camels Cigarettes Joe Camel – Motorcycle (1991)

Camel Cigarettes, Joe Camel – Motorcycle Had this poster in my room in high school. Mom got it for me at the RJR souvenir store in Winston-Salem.

Veggie Cooking Cheat-Sheet

Veggie Cooking Cheat-S all struggle to eat enough vegetables, right? If you’re a little confused about the best way to cook them, here’s a wonderful “cheat sheet” I’m sharing from Daily Infographic. Now, eat your veggies! Click this link to get it: tips

Protein in Plant Foods

Food Fact: EVERY, YES EVERY, WHOLE FOOD CONTAINS PROTEIN. Finding plants packed with protein is easy to do & is easy for your body to use.Plant-based foods are free from cholesterol, tend to be high in fiber & are often alkalizing to the body. All animal