Sourdough Holiday Recipes

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sourdough star bread with raspberry swirl on top and another image in the background
Sourdough Star Bread
Impress your guests with the stunning and delicious Sourdough Star Bread! Made with active sourdough starter, this beautiful bread is soft, fluffy, and perfect for sharing. Fill it with your favorite sweet or savory fillings for a show-stopping centerpiece at any gathering. Pin this recipe for a unique and eye-catching way to enjoy your sourdough starter! 🌟🍞 #SourdoughStarBread #BakingWithSourdough #HolidayBaking #HomemadeGoodness #ShowStoppingBakes
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two slices of gingerbread cake with white frosting
Sourdough Gingerbread Cake Recipe
Warm up your holiday season with a delectable Sourdough Gingerbread Cake! Made with sourdough discard, this cake is incredibly moist, spiced to perfection, and has a delightful tang. Perfect for festive gatherings or a cozy treat by the fire. Pin this recipe for a unique and delicious twist on a holiday classic! 🎄🍰 #SourdoughGingerbreadCake #HolidayBaking #BakingWithSourdough #FestiveTreats #HomemadeGoodness
peanut butter blossom cookies on a cooling rack with text overlay that reads sourdough peanut butter blossoms
Sourdough Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies
Savor the classic charm of Sourdough Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies! Made with sourdough discard, these cookies are soft, chewy, and bursting with rich peanut butter flavor, topped with a chocolate kiss for a perfect finishing touch. Ideal for holiday baking or a sweet snack any time of the year. Pin this recipe for a delightful twist on a beloved classic! 🍪🥜🍫 #SourdoughPeanutButterBlossoms #BakingWithSourdough #ClassicCookies #SweetTreats #HomemadeGoodness
candy cane sourdough's cones are the perfect treat for any holiday party
Candy Cane Sourdough Scones
Elevate your holiday baking with these Sourdough White Chocolate Peppermint Scones! These soft and flaky scones are infused with the tangy goodness of sourdough, sweet white chocolate chips, and refreshing peppermint. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a festive treat, these scones are sure to delight. Pin now and enjoy a taste of the holidays! #SourdoughScones #WhiteChocolatePeppermint #HolidayBaking #FestiveTreats #HomemadeGoodies
some cookies with jam on them and the words sourdough thumbprint cookie recipe
Sourdough Thumbprint Cookie Recipe
Satisfy your sweet cravings with these delightful Sourdough Thumbprint Cookies! These soft and tender cookies feature a tangy twist from sourdough and are filled with your favorite jam or preserve for a burst of flavor in every bite. Perfect for holiday baking or everyday treats, these cookies are a must-try. Pin now and bake later! #SourdoughCookies #ThumbprintCookies #HolidayBaking #SweetTreats #HomemadeDelight
gingerbread cookies with white icing and sprinkles on top are shown
Sourdough Gingerbread Cookies
Discover the festive joy of Sourdough Gingerbread Cookies! These soft and chewy treats combine the tangy goodness of sourdough with classic gingerbread spices for a delightful holiday treat. Perfect for sharing or savoring with a warm drink, these cookies are a must-try for the season. Pin now and bake later! #SourdoughGingerbread #HolidayBaking #SoftAndChewy #FestiveTreats #HomemadeCookies
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the best sourdou dough cinnamon rolls simplicity and a startner recipe
The Best Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls
Indulge in the ultimate comfort treat with these Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls! Made with a tangy sourdough starter, rich dark brown sugar, and a generous topping of heavy cream before baking, these rolls come out irresistibly soft and chewy. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a sweet snack, this recipe is a must-try for all cinnamon roll lovers. Pin now and enjoy later! #SourdoughCinnamonRolls #Baking #ComfortFood #HomemadeDelight #SoftAndChewy
peppermint sourdough brownies with white and red sprinkles
Peppermint Sourdough Brownies
Indulge in the rich, festive flavors of Sourdough Peppermint Brownies! These fudgy brownies, made with sourdough discard, are infused with refreshing peppermint and topped with a luscious chocolate ganache. Perfect for holiday gatherings or a special treat. Pin this recipe for a deliciously unique twist on classic brownies that will delight your taste buds! 🍫🌿 #SourdoughPeppermintBrownies #HolidayBaking #BakingWithSourdough #FestiveTreats #DeliciousDesserts
snowball sourdough cookies on a cooling rack with text overlay that reads, snowball sourdough cookies simply and a starter
Snowball Sourdough Cookies
Delight in the festive flavors of Sourdough Snowball Cookies! These melt-in-your-mouth cookies, made with sourdough discard, are buttery, nutty, and rolled in powdered sugar for a perfect holiday treat. Ideal for cookie swaps or a cozy winter snack. Pin this recipe for a unique twist on a classic favorite that will bring joy to your holiday baking! ❄️🍪 #SourdoughSnowballCookies #HolidayBaking #BakingWithSourdough #FestiveTreats #HomemadeGoodness
four hot dogs sitting on top of a white plate with the words sourdough not dog buns simplicity and a starter
Quick Sourdough Hot Dog Buns - Ready in a Day!
Enjoy delicious homemade sourdough hot dog buns in just one day! 🌭✨ This quick and easy recipe delivers soft, tangy, and perfectly golden buns that are ready to elevate any meal. Ideal for last-minute BBQs or weeknight dinners, these buns come together with a same-day rise. Say goodbye to store-bought and hello to homemade goodness. Follow my step-by-step guide and treat your taste buds to the best hot dog buns ever! #SourdoughBuns #SameDayRecipe #HotDogBuns #HomemadeBread #QuickBaking #BBQEssentials #FoodLovers
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a close up of a casserole dish with text overlay that reads sourdough au gratin simplily and a starter
Sourdough Au Gratin
Perfectly creamy, cheesy, and flavorful, these are Sourdough Au Gratin Potatoes at their very best! Sourdough discard is used to thicken the cream sauce. Cover and bake for the most tender and cheesy potatoes - perfect for any holiday table.
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a loaf of sourdough irish soda bread on a cutting board with a knife
Sourdough Irish Soda Bread
Sourdough Irish Soda Bread is an easy quick bread make with sourdough discard, buttermilk, and other simple ingredients. Packed with flavor from the cheddar cheese and sliced chives, it's delicious served warm with butter.
hot cross buns on a cooling rack with text overlay
Sourdough Hot Cross Buns
Perfectly fluffy, spiced homemade Sourdough Hot Cross Buns! These sourdough buns are made with active sourdough starter and are so delicious. Serve them for Good Friday, Easter Dinner, or any day of the year!