Bzzy is a simple, fast, text-message autoreply app for Android. It tells your friends that you’re busy; that you’re driving, eating, flying - or anything else.


Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) Features List

How Startups Can Use M&A To Hack Growth

How Startups Can Use M&A To Hack Growth

Growth Hacking, Startups, Hacks

Getty Updates Images And iStock On iOS

Getty Images And iStock iOS Apps Get A Big Overhaul And The New Embed Function

With the advent of mobile and social photo sharing, Getty Images and iStock iOS receive design changes with a focus on usage.


Custom mobile website developed for the philanthropy based social website known as YGRIN. YGRIN offers deals for restaurants, businesses, and charities in your local area - all fo free!


Read, watch, play and interact with Dorothy and her friends. The classic book has been digitally remastered with 'OZ for iPad'


Easy to use and fun, kids draw in a seven seas adventure book and their drawings star in an animation with Pirate Scribblebeard

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