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a green glass bottle sitting on top of a wooden table next to a branch with flowers
What kind of bottle is this? Can you name the maker?
how to make a palm leaf out of fake leaves with this step by step video
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three vases with flowers in them on top of a table
カトレアホルダーを使ったカラーのアレンジメント ロワゾ ブラン L'oiseau Blanc のブログ
カトレアホルダーを使ったカラーのアレンジメント - ロワゾ ブラン L'oiseau Blanc のブログ
an arrangement of flowers in a vase on a white background
Corporate Flower Rentals
Beautiful heliconias - Large arrangement
a vase filled with flowers and greenery on top of a gray tableclothed surface
how to make a diy hoop wreath with flowers and greenery
Modern Wreath DIY - Floral | Hobby Lobby
Elevate any space with an elegant DIY hoop wreath! To DIY: 1) Clip floral stems, leaving just enough to attach flowers to the ring with floral wire. 2) Arrange the florals, starting with the greenery. This gives the wreath its shape and fullness. 3) Add sturdy, textural pieces. 4) Finish off with the focal elements—we chose roses and waterlilies.
an elaborately decorated photo frame with purple flowers and greenery on display in a tent
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 – NAFAS Exhibit inspired by Monet's Garden
2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) created an amazing exhibit inspired by Monet’s Garden at Giverny. Beautiful!!!
the process of making paper flowers with scissors
Flower Care Tips from FiftyFlowers
Pensando en detalles para bodas y otros eventos. Paso a paso para poder hacerlo..con la flor de Sia puedes tener modelos preparados para ofertar...cualquier hoja grande nos puede servir de cucurucho..rosas, phalaenopsis, tulipanes etc como flor.